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Synchronicity Antennas By Mic Knight

I created these wire forms after attending a lecture on Carl Jung's theory that there is an order to the universe that connects everything to everything else. He reasoned that this order did not allow for accidents; that all things happen on purpose. He coined the word "synchronicity" to describe why two seemingly unrelated events sometimes seem to display an underlying relationship. Jung said that: "The synchronicity has to see with the space-time relation, and time and space are coordinates in order to describe the behavior of bodies in movement".

My wire "bodies in movement," are coordinates in time and space, kinetically hanging to spin. These aluminum wire pieces about 14" in diameter, very light weight, 1/8" aluminum wire about 11 ft long, wrapped around a concentrically turning elipse, not touching other wires until the end of the wire.

…..Mic Knight

synchronicity antenna 1

The Synchronicity Antennas below were photographed oudoors near my front door. I like the idea that they're free to move in the breeze and pull in any synchrocity that may be floating by!

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