Sometime The Hardest Work Is Finding A Title

When I created my first series of these kinetic aluminum sculptures, I called them "Synchronicity Antennas."  Somehow, while the form continues to intrigue me, that title does not.

The word "antenna" just doesn't sit right. I'm trying to figure out a title whose meaning implies both “receiving & transmitting."  “Antenna” is receiving, and a “transmitter” is “sending out," so……I'm still  trying to figure a specific title.  "Translator” might be a better word.   What do you think? 

I think I'll try sleeping on it and see if my dreams suggest something. Strange, isn't it, how art lets us put into form all sorts of thoughts, ideas and concepts that can't be put into words. But as soon as the art is created, we have to attach words to it in the form of titles and descriptions!

Mic Knight kinetic aluminum sculpture 1


Mic Knight kinetic aluminum sculpture 2

Mic Knight kinetic aluminum sculpture

Mic Knight kinetic aluminum sculpture 4

Meeting Dali And Thom By Mic Knight

I've always been interested in the surreal work of Salvidor Dali, but since becoming a docent at the Salvidor Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, I've developed a deeper understanding of Dali, and along with that, a deeper appreciation for his work. Recently we saw a film that explored the relationship between Salvidor Dali and French mathematician René Thom.

Dali met with Thom several times over the years to discuss what Thom called his singularity theory, as well as the theory Thom became known for worldwide, his catastrophe theory. Dali drew on Thom's work as an inspiration for several of his mystical drawings and paintings. In fact, the last painting Salvidor Dali created in his life was The Swallow's Tail, based on Thom's catastrophe theory

After seeing the film, I went to my studio and worked out an idea of my own inspired by the ideas in the film, so I call this

Meeting Dali And Thom

Meeting Dali And Thom

Below are individual photos of each of the pieces.


Meeting Dali and Thom by Mic Knight--piece 1 Meeting Dali and Thom-piece 2


Here's a look at Dali's last work, based on the Thom's theory.Dali's "The Swallow's Tail"

Dali posing with The Swallow's Tail

Salividor Dali with The Swallow's Tail


French mathematician René Thom  at work.

Here's a drawing (not by Dali) that is often used to illustrate Thom's catastrophe theory. You can see that I drew on that "wave" for my sculpture.

Synchronicity Antennas By Mic Knight

I created these wire forms after attending a lecture on Carl Jung's theory that there is an order to the universe that connects everything to everything else. He reasoned that this order did not allow for accidents; that all things happen on purpose. He coined the word "synchronicity" to describe why two seemingly unrelated events sometimes seem to display an underlying relationship. Jung said that: "The synchronicity has to see with the space-time relation, and time and space are coordinates in order to describe the behavior of bodies in movement".

My wire "bodies in movement," are coordinates in time and space, kinetically hanging to spin. These aluminum wire pieces about 14" in diameter, very light weight, 1/8" aluminum wire about 11 ft long, wrapped around a concentrically turning elipse, not touching other wires until the end of the wire.

…..Mic Knight

synchronicity antenna 1

The Synchronicity Antennas below were photographed oudoors near my front door. I like the idea that they're free to move in the breeze and pull in any synchrocity that may be floating by!

synchronicity antenna 2



Mic Knight’s Bubo, A Sculpture In Aluminum

Mic Knight's Bubo, a sculpture in aluminum The Bubo is an aluminum sculptural wall piece that was inspired by a photo given to me. In order to translate the photograph into metal work, I first resized the image, and traced the outside of the Bubo. However, as the original photo was of a three dimensional object, and taken from a side view, rather than a face-on view, I had to take some artistic license in reinterpreting the image to be made as a metal work.


 My goal was to stay true to the original image, doing a fairly close resemblance (or translation) of the image from the actual "side view."  It's basically one large eye from the side view. All this might not be so easy to see in the photos.  However the final aluminum piece is what it is… a sculptural metal interpretation of a photographed image.

I call photos "image manipulations."  It's a photo, however the image is actually manipulated to start with, either by the choices the photographer makes while taking the image, or later on, by using software. A camera takes a picture and then the image is "reproduced."   So to me a very general category of photos are manipulated images. So some of my work begins with manipulated images which I further manipulate by translating them into aluminum.

Bubo is the name given to the horned owl, also known as the eagle owl.

Mic Knight’s Art Hits The Sidewalk At Hyde Park’s Chalk Walk

This summer I was pleased to participate in Chalk Walk, an event put on in Hyde Park, Tampa, to bring art and the public together for a day of outdoor fun.

Spending a summer day drawing on the sidewalk was great fun. I felt like a kid again, and I think that child-like sense of play and freedom showed up in my work. The drawing was supposed to be 10 ft square. I got carried away painting the primer white, line to line in the concrete sidewalk. That was about 15 ft edge to edge, something I didn't realize until I was about a third into the drawing, when I noticed the size was too big.  Whew… I guess my inner child needed some parental supervision!

Mic Knight's sidewalk chalk art at Hyde Park


Here's another view of my section of the sidewalk:

Mic Knight's entry in Chalk Walk at Hyde Park


Maybe my recent work with mandalas had a lot of influence on me. Honestly, I don't know if it was that or sunstroke  bringing out that psychedelic vision!

Mic Knights's entry in Chalk Walk

You think YOU have bad hair days? The heat and humidity gave me sort of a Twistee-Treat vibe, topside.

Mic Knight has a bad hair day at Chalk Walk

Mic Knight Interview–An Artist’s Vision

Mic Knight discusses the vision behind his exhibit, "Unexpected Visions," a series of pastel drawings inspired by mandalas, in an interview conducted by JoEllen Schilke for the program Art In Your Ear, broadcast every Friday on WMNF Community Radio, 88.5 in Tampa Bay, or online  through the WMNF website.

Mic Knight Interview–Part 1:


Mic Knight Interview–Part 2:


You can see larger views of the individual images here:

Pear Mandala by Mic Knight–Large View

Madala Space Snake (Extremely Unconscious) by Mic Knight–Large View

Clouds Mandala by Mic Knight–Large View

Double Mandala by Mic Knight–Large View

Electric Poles Mandala by Mic Knight–Large View

Blue Moon Mandala by Mic Knight–Large View

Mic Knight

Mic Knight On WMNF Radio’s “Art In Your Ear”

Hey, I'll be on "Art In Your Ear," hosted by JoEllen Schilke at WMNF Community Radio  at 1 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2010 to talk about my upcoming exhibit, Clouds, Moons and Mandalas, at the Weedon Island Preserver Cultural and Natural History Center

Catch me live on 88.5 in Tampa Bay, or click  here to visit the Art In Your Ear page of the WMNF web site and register for the podcast so you can listen at your leisure. Either way, you'll get some Art In Your Ear.

Look! Here's me with art in MY ear!

Mic Knight on Art In Your Ear--WMNF Radio

Mic Knight Will Make His Mark At Chalk Walk 2010!

I'm making plans to make my mark–in chalk, of course–at the 2nd Annual Chalk Walk art Festival, 2010. I'll be one of 45 artists decorating the sidewalks  of Hyde Park Village with amazing images, all in chalk.  This will be a great way to bring the whole family out for an amazing Mother's Day under the Florida sun. I hope you'll join us!

Tampa Bay Chalk walk 2010

Here's the activity schedule:

May 7, 2010:

Sidewalk and Plein Aire art begins at 8:30 a.m.

7 p.m. live performance by Chris McCarty

Drink specials from 3–10 p.m.

May 8, 2010:

Sidewalk and Plein Aire art begins at 8:30 a.m.

Bounce House and Face Painting

Chalk Drawing Experience for Kids

Artists and Open Air Market

7 p.m. Live performance by Have Gun, Will Travel

May 9, 2010

Sidewalk and Plein Aire art begins at 8:30 a.m.

Artists and Open Air Market2 p.m.

Chalk Walk Award Presentation


You can see updates and full information on the TBBCA website by clicking here.

And here's Christina Campbell talking about Chalk Walk at Creative Tampa Bay.


AND THE REST OF THE STORY….It was a great event! Good weather, great crowds and plenty of room to let my imagination roam. You can see my contribution to Chalk Walk by clicking here.